What is the difference between a Broad Breasted and a Heritage turkey?

A Broad Breasted turkey is your standard store bought breed of turkey.  These birds grow large in a short amount of time.  They can range in size from upwards of 30 lbs down to 10 lbs.  These are the meaty birds that you have when you are feeding lots of people.  Raised on grass and organic grain, these are a delicious and healthy birds.

A Heritage turkey is similar to an Heirloom tomato, in that these are pure breeds that have not been altered for any growth characteristics and they are closer to a wild turkey.  These birds are beautiful and can fly like a regular bird.  They are slower growing and could take over a year to get to their full growth potential.  We see weights ranging in size from as large as 18 lbs down to as small as 5 lbs.  These birds have a more unique, sought after taste amongst food connoisseurs.  Because they are slower growing, the meat can be a little tougher if it is not prepared correctly.  There are many different ways to cook a Heritage turkey but we recommend you read some of the links provided and do some googling of your own to find a way that you are comfortable with in order to make sure you enjoy this fine tasting bird.

The following are some cooking ideas previous customers have found helpful in past years.


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