Why consuming organically fed animals is so important.

Poultry only consume's 20-30% of their diet from grass.  This leaves the majority of their diet being grain along with a small amount of unlucky bugs.

 A plant bolts or goes to seed when it dies.  Since the seed is what is being harvested for grain,

conventionally raised (non organic) grain is usually sprayed with an herbicide prior to harvest because growers think this increases the yield or harvest.  So if you are consuming a meat product where 80% of its diet was from grain sprayed with an herbicide or pesticide then you are consuming large amounts of these chemicals.  This makes an argument that you are better off consuming a chicken that was raised in confinement with no grass but was fed an organic diet. A crop or plant that is grown with non GMO seeds does not mean it was never sprayed with chemicals, it simply means the seed was not genetically modified.  You would be surprised to learn how many non GMO crops have been sprayed with pesticide or herbicide.  DEMAND ORGANIC!!

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