All of our poultry, whether it be our laying hens, our chickens raised for the table, or our turkeys, are all raised beyond organic guidelines.  They are all on pasture so that they can graze on as much grass as they want that has never had a pesticide or herbicide applied to it.  In addition, they are fed a USDA certified organic feed, which is corn and soy free.  We honestly don’t believe there is a healthier or happier animal than on our farm.  As always if you ever want to see how we do things just let us know and we would be happy to show you.

One problem with the farm grown poultry movement is the confusing wording.  What is natural, free range, cage free, and on and on.  Here is the simplest way to judge if the farmer is doing it right.  Would you enjoy sitting in a chair and watching the animals do their thing in the environment they are being raised in?  Get to know your farmer, visit their farm, and ask questions.

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