Our turkeys are raised to the same standard as our chickens.  An abundance of grass along with organic grain that is free of soy and corn make these turkeys highly sought after.  Taking reservations each June.
Currently we focus on quick turn around crops.  Crops such as salad greens, chard, kale, beets, and radish.  At this time we dont grow some of the longer crops like broccoli, kohlrabi, brussel sprouts, and corn.  

All of our offerings whether they be produce or meat is raised to the same standard of organic guidelines.  We are not certified organic because at this point it does not make sense for our operation.  As we grow, certification is something we will pursue.  Please dont get hung up on a certification though.  Get to know your farmer and go see what they are doing and ask them questions.


Whether it be our egg layers or meat chickens they are all raised on grass.  They are also fed an organic grain that contains no soy or corn.

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